Foxconn demos mysterious smartwatch for iOS

Foxconn, the company that assembles iPhones and iPads for Apple, demoed a smartwatch during their recent shareholders meeting. No details about the device were given, though Foxconn chairman Terry Gou did say that the device provides feedback about your heart rate and in the future could include fingerprint authentication.

So what do we make of this watch? Like with any new piece of information, this new piece of knowledge introduces a ton of new questions. Will Foxconn market this watch under their own brand? Did Foxconn merely build this watch as a template that other companies can then slap their logo on? Is Foxconn getting into the smartwatch manufacturing game because Apple is going to use Foxconn to build their very own (rumored) smartwatch?

This whole wearables space is very new, with the only real example of “success” being the Pebble. Even that product isn’t as widely deployed as the media thinks.

Should you be excited? It depends. Do you like watches?