Google working on Android video game console and smartwatch


Wall Street Journal reports that Google is working on a video game console and a smartwatch powered by its Android operating system to compete with Apple, which is also rumored to launch similar devices.

The report claims that Google is also working on the second version of Nexus Q, the Android-based video streaming device. You may remember that Google had unveiled the $299 device at its annual developer conference last year, but had scrapped it due to lack of interest and criticism that it was too expensive. The report notes that the next version of the device will be a lot cheaper.

It has been widely rumored that Apple is working on its own branded television set, which could be launched later this year. It has also been rumored that Apple could take a “two-pronged approach,” releasing the Apple Television as well as updating the hardware on the Apple TV to better support resource-intensive apps.

Back in February, TechCrunch contributor MG Siegler, reported that according to his sources Apple is lining up something TV related for this fall. While he doesn’t have any specifics as to whether this would be about Apple’s long rumored full-fledged television or an SDK, he believes that third party apps and gaming will be the key focus.

The Wall Street Journal report does not provide any details about Google’s Android-based video game console and smartwatch. The report however notes that Google plans to release the next major update for its Android operating system dubbed “Key Lime Pie” later this fall. It is expected to give manufacturers the freedom to use Android in devices such as laptops, appliances and wearable devices. It is also supposed to be optimized for lower-end smartphones.

It looks like the second half of the year is going to be quite exciting, if these reports turn out to be accurate.

Via: Wall Street Journal