Here’s what iOS 7 looks like on iPad [Gallery]

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC Keynote on Monday, where it showcased some of the major new features such as the completely redesigned user interface, Control Center, Notification Center with the Google Now-like feature called “Today”, iTunes Radio and lots more.

Unfortunately, Apple gave us a glimpse of what iOS 7 will look like on the iPhone and iPod touch and not the iPad. Apple also didn’t seed developers of its iOS Developer program the first beta version for the iPad.

So if you’re curious of what it will look like on the iPad, then check out the screenshots below.

The iOS 7 features page, which gives the list of devices that are compatible with iOS 7, provides a glimpse of what the iOS 7 Home screen will look on the iPad.


Folks at have also published screenshots of what iOS 7 looks like running on an iPad emulator in Xcode 5.


Notification Center with Now




Settings app




Maps app


Contacts app


Game Center


Control Center

As you can see not many surprises, except for the Control Center UI, which takes up the width of the screen on the iPad.

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Please note that based on the Flashlight in Control Center (thanks Dr_Romantic for pointing it out), it looks like folks at have managed to get the iOS 7 beta for the iPhone running on the iPad simulator, so it is possible that the UI will look slightly different on the iPad. via 9to5Mac