Safari for iOS 7 updated with smart search, new tab view and more

safari ios 7

As a part of iOS 7, Safari received a huge update with an all-new design and added various features like a revamped tab view, keychain syncing, a new “smart search” field and a lot more.

Safari’s UI chrome as well as the icon now is “flat,” in line with the entire look of iOS 7.

searchThere’s a unified bar for URLs and search, which Apple calls “smart search.” When you tap into the smart search field, all your favorites are displayed, and narrowed down according to what you type. The search also shows results from your history, and autosuggestions.

sfari ios 7

Tabs are now stacked vertically in a 3D perspective view and you can scroll between them to switch between tabs. There’s no longer an 8-tab limit in Safari.

shared links safari ios 7

Along with bookmarks and reading list, there’s a new shared links tab that lets you see the links your friends have shared on LinkedIn and Twitter.