iOS 7 gives a warning if you use unauthorized Lightning cables or accessories

Folks at Life On My Mobile report that iOS 7 gives a warning when you use an unauthorized Lightening cables and accessories. 

It prompts the following warning message when you plug an authorized accessory:

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.


You can dismiss the warning message, so it doesn’t stop you from using the accessory.

The teardown of the Lightning connector has revealed that it has four embedded chips, including a security chip from Texas Instruments. So Apple is probably using it to figure out if the accessory is made by an authorized MFI (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) partner. It is also limited only to iPhone 5, iPad mini, 5th generation iPod touch and 4th generation iPad that have a Lightning connector.

It remains to be seen if Apple will crackdown on such unauthorized accessories as Life On My Mobile are speculating. We highly doubt it. But it’s going to be annoying if iOS 7 is going to warn you each time an unauthorized cable or accessories is plugged to the iPhone.

Life On My Mobile via MacRumors