iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: UI elements compared

There’s a whole lot of UI elements that got a major facelift in iOS 7. We’ve told you about the redesigned stock apps, the redesigned icons and in this post, we show you a comparison of the default UI elements in iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Apple recommends using translucent UI elements, border less buttons, and “flat” icons, many of them just outlines, all of which are reflected in the default UI. Here’s the comparison:

ios ui elements

Apple believes that the new UI elements, together with the entire new design language, would help emphasise content more than the UI.

The reaction has obviously been polarising, with some claiming they’re switching to Android while others urging everyone to wait for the annoyances and problems to be sorted out through the beta cycle.

What do you think?

Via: @ManzoPower