More iOS 7 tidbits: Day/Night mode in Maps, granular cellular data tracking and more

Yesterday we told you about a few iOS 7 features that Apple didn’t talk about, and today we have more such features, tidbits and minor enhancements in beta 1 of the OS.

Dan/Night mode in Maps

Like many apps, Maps in iOS 7 too has a night mode that makes the UI chrome dark to make it easier on the user’s eye at night. The app automaically switches between the two modes based on the time of the day. There’s also Maps bookmark syncing and turn-by-turn directions for walking.

day night maps

Granular Cellular Data Tracking

iOS has some amount of cellular tracking built into earlier and current versions, but you couldn’t see data usage broken down by apps. iOS 7 now lets you see per-app data usage, and includes a handy toggle that you can use to disable cellular data for certain apps. If you’re on earlier versions, you can track per-app data usage by installing Onavo.

cellular per app usage

Microphone access permissions

Apple already asks for your permission when apps want to access your location, photo library, contacts, and now it will do so for microphone data as well.

Landscape multitasking

Right now, when you’re using an app in landscape and you double tap the home button, the multitasking bar awkwardly appears in portrait orientation making it very difficult to read the text accompanying the app icons. In iOS 7, the multitasking bar can adapt to portrait as well as landscape orientation, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

multitasking ios 7iTunes Radio Skips

iTunes Radio, like Pandora, imposes a restriction on the number of skips you can make in a certain time interval. In the present version, you have 6 skips per station, which reset every hour.


Apart from the usual wallpapers we’re used to, iOS 7 also has two dynamic wallpapers that subtly animate in the background. Apple would likely increase this number, and hopefully, let users create and add these as well.

Another nice feature is that when you set a panorama as a wallpaper (through Setting > Brightness and Wallpaper), iOS 7 uses gyroscope movement data to pan around the image. On other images, you’d see the 3D parallax effect we told you about earlier.

Notification Sync!

Notifications you’ve seen on your Mac will no longer show up on your iPhone and vice versa. The Notification Center also gives you a nice summary of your upcoming day containing information about the weather, your calendar events and birthdays.

Better anti-theft measures

Apple’s constantly being called out by government officials for unsatisfactory anti-theft measures, since a thief can always flash the firmware on an iPhone to make it as good as new. With iOS 7’s “Activation Lock” if you remote wipe your device, the thief would still need to enter your iTunes login credentials to make the device usable.

Safari Do not track

Do not track, a way to tell advertisers on the web to not track your browsing activities, is now included in mobile Safari and can be enabled with the flip of a switch. Here are the other features added to mobile Safari in iOS 7.

Tell us in the comments below if there are any more features/changes in the beta we’ve left out in this post or the earlier one.

Via: MacRumors, Macworld