New in iOS 7: Scrubber bar on lock screen, Geofencing accuracy in Reminders and more

We continue to discover interesting new features in iOS 7 thanks to the developers who were seeded the first beta version earlier in the week.

Here are some of the changes that have been discovered in iOS 7:

Weather app

iOS 7 comes with a completely redesigned Weather app, which is powered by Yahoo. reddit user astraphobiczeus reports that the Weather app also shows the time of the sunrise, which is a nice touch.


Dynamic Wallpapers

One of the cool features of iOS 7 is the dynamic wallpapers that bring subtle animations to the home and the lock screen. reddit user MasterMarksman reports that animations stop if the battery life is too low. It’s not clear exactly at what stage the animations stop.

Scrubber bar on Lock screen

You will finally be able to skip to any point in a song from the lock screen as the music playback controls on the lock screen include a scrubber bar in iOS 7 as you can see in the screenshot below (via reddit user deja__entendu).


This would mean that iOS 7 kills the LSscrubbing jailbreak tweak.

Timer on lock screen

If you set the timer in the Clock app, then it now displays the timer in the lock screen just below the clock in iOS 7 (via reddit user IlDolceFarNiente). You can also stop the timer from the lock screen when its done. So you no longer need to have the Clock app open.


Alt text in Safari

In iOS 7, if you tap on an image to save it in Safari, it will display the alt text as you can see in the screenshot below. That’s quite neat. (via reddit user I922sParkCir)


Geofencing in Reminders

You can now refine the geofencing accuracy in the Reminders app in iOS 7. (via reddit user Phonzo)


iOS 7 beta Expiry date

If you’re wondering what’s the expiry date for iOS 7 beta 1, then it’s July 24th (via iFans). However, we expect Apple to seed the second beta version much before it.

These may be minor changes, but iOS 7 is turning out to be quite an awesome update.

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