Apple close to signing deal with Time Warner Cable for Apple TV


Bloomberg reports that according to their sources Apple is close a signing a deal with Time Warner Cable (TWC) to bring TWC TV app to Apple TV.

Earlier in the month, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt spoke at an event where he said the company was talking with Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung about live video streaming. 

TWC already has a TWC TV app on Roku set-top box and Xbox gaming console, which allows subscribers to watch up to 300 live channels on their television connected to the device. We’re assuming that a TWC TV app on Apple TV will work in a similar fashion, essentially allowing TWC subscribers to watch live TV channels without the needed a set-top box.

Apple has been slowly but steadily expanding the content available on Apple TV. It recently released a software update, which brought HBO Go and WatchESPN to the device. While Apple continues to say that Apple TV is a hobby project, the company has seen the sales rise over the years.

The report also notes that Apple is hiring Pete Distad, Hulu’s former senior vice president of marketing and distribution, to help in negotiations with the media and cable companies.

Via Bloomberg