Chinese woman allegedly electrocuted while trying to answer a call on her iPhone, Apple to investigate


The state-run Xinhua News Agency reports that a family of a 23-year old woman from northwest China claim that she died after getting electrocuted while trying to answer a call on her iPhone while it was charging.

The report notes that authorities are still examining whether the mobile phone caused the electrocution.

The family is seeking compensation from Apple. The older sister of the victim demanded an explanation from Apple over the incident on Chinese social network Sina Weibo. She wrote:

“(I) hope that Apple Inc can give us an explanation. I also hope that all of you will refrain from using your mobile devices while charging,”

The post has gone viral in China with people forwarding the message, and warning family and friends of the dangers of using mobile devices while they are being charged.

Experts have warned against the use of any electronic device while it being charged, according to South China Morning Post. Dr Peter Chiu Ping-kuen, head of the department of electronic and information engineering at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education said that it would not be appropriate to jump to any conclusion since the circumstances of the incident are not yet known.

Apple has issued a statement saying the company felt “deeply sorry for the unfortunate accident” and expressed condolence to the victim’s family. Apple has also said that it will be investigating the incident thoroughly.

There have been few incidents of iPhone exploding, but this is the first incident of electrocution we’ve heard so far. Most of iPhone exploding incidents have been attributed to bad repair jobs at unauthorized service centers or counterfeit iPhone chargers.

Via: The Next Web