Download quick: App with hidden Game Boy and Nintendo emulators sneaks into App Store [Update: Removed]

mystache emulator ios

Another app with hidden emulators has sneaked past Apple’s app review teams. This time it’s “MyStache” an app that claims to be an “augmented reality Mustache app” but really packs in emulators for NES, SNES and Game Boy.

You can unhide the emulator by loading up ROMs through iTunes file sharing, after which you’ll see a red button which launches the emulator. It works on both iPhone and iPad, has support for saving game progress, full-screen mode and landscape support.

The app is available for $1.99 so if you’re a retro-gamer who doesn’t have a jailbroken device (or didn’t get the non-jailbreak way to work), purchase this quick, since we expect Apple to take down this app very soon.

Update: The app has been taken down

Download link:

MyStache $1.99

[via 9to5Mac]