iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Date: August 12?


Apple has released 4 beta versions of iOS 7 so far (1, 2, 3, 4), and according to rumors, it will release two more betas before releasing iOS 7 Golden Master, which is the final version before iOS 7 is released to the public.

And since Apple typically releases a major version of iOS couple of days before the new iPhone is released, we’re expecting iOS 7 to be released in mid t0 late September.

We got a tip from one of our readers who pointed out that there is an interesting pattern about the expiry date of the beta updates, and the release date of the next beta update, and it could give us the release date for iOS 7 beta 5.

Beta 1:
Release: 10 June 2013
Expiry date: 24 July 2013

Beta 2:
Release: 24 June 2013
Expiry date: 8 August 2013

Beta 3:
Release: 8 July 2013
Expiry date: 29 August 2013

Beta 4:
Release: 29 July 2013
Expiry date: 12 Sept 2013

Beta 5:
Release: 12 August 2013?

Got it? As you can see, Apple has released the iOS 7 betas exactly a month before the expiry of the previous beta version. So based on the pattern and the fact that all betas have been released on a Monday, Apple could release iOS 7 beta 5 on Monday, August 12th, exactly two weeks after the release of iOS 7 beta 4.

It also suggests that the Dev Center security breach may not have delayed the launch of iOS 7 beta 4 as we had speculated, and everything is as per schedule.

It may be a little naive for us to think that it was so easy to predict the release date of the next iOS 7 beta and it is also quite possible that Apple changes its plan, but we thought it was well worth covering it for the sake of discussion.

Thanks Stan for the tip! Update: Stan tells us he got this from on comment on BGR.