iPhone 5C case spotted on Amazon

The “budget” iPhone. The “cheap” iPhone. The “iPhone 5C”. Whatever you want to call it, we all know that Apple is going to launch an affordable version of their highly popular mobile phone this year. What we don’t know is when, what the specs are, and how much it’s going to cost. Thanks to a listing on Amazon, however, we might have a better idea as to when the 5C will actually be released.

According to the American online retail giant, a company called “elago” will start shipping their iPhone 5C cover on August 26th. The case itself is simply called the “Slim Fit”, which isn’t terribly exciting, but then again this is a $0.50 piece of silicon being sold for $25.

Circling back to the date, can Apple host an event in August? To that we say why not? There’s nothing stopping them from announcing a budget iPhone right as students return to class, and then a month or two later announce a proper iPhone 5S that runs the new version of iOS.

What do you guys think?