iPhone 5S may feature a slow-motion camera

iPhone releases follow a tick-tock pattern, with one major upgrade followed by an incremental “S” update. To help differentiate the “S” update, Apple typically includes some exclusive features — video recording in the iPhone 3GS, Siri in the iPhone 4S. So the question is what will be iPhone 5S’ exclusive feature.

According to code references found in iOS 7 beta, it might be an option to record videos at an incredible high frame rate — 120 fps — that could enable an all new “slow motion” video category on mobile phones.

iOS 7 includes references to “Mogul,” a possible codename for the feature, that will live as a separate “mode” in the iOS 7 camera app, alongside other camera modes like Panorama, square, standard, video and filters. Further corroborating a high frame rate recording option is a new iOS 7 API that let developers record videos with frame rates as high as 60fps on iOS devices.

ios 7 camera apisVideos shot at high frame rates are extremely rich in detail, making it a delight to watch it in slow motion, as you can see in the video embedded below:

Shooting videos at high frame rates generally requires specialised hardware, which makes it unlikely that the “Mogul” mode would be available on current iPhones. Apple’s also been rumored to add a fingerprint sensor to the next iPhone, but from a consumer point-of-view Mogul sounds more fascinating than additional security.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, already offers a slow motion feature.

Is it gimmicky or a killer feature? We will let you be the judge by sharing your views in the comments below.

[via 9to5Mac]