Budget iPhone’s plastic rear shell compared to iPhone 5 [Photos]


We’ve already seen several photos and schematics of the budget or lower-cost iPhone, dubbed iPhone Lite.

Folks at Japanese magazine Weekly ASCII have shared some new closeup photos of a yellow version of the plastic rear shell of the lower-cost or cheap  iPhone.

It is difficult to confirm if the plastic rear shell is indeed genuine, but the physical features appears to be in-line with rumors and the leaked schematics.

Since the rear shell of the lower-cost iPhone has been placed alongside the iPhone 5, it shows that budget iPhone will be marginally thicker than the iPhone 5. It also reveals that iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone will share similar logic board designs.


It looks like the budget iPhone will come with elongated, pill-shaped volume buttons instead of the circular volume buttons of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

The plastic rear shell also reveals that it include LED Flash for camera, and come with the third microphone at the back, which was first introduced in iPhone 5.


Rumors suggest that Apple will launch the lower-cost iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S later this fall. The unlocked version of the budget iPhone could be priced between $300 – $350.

Source: Weekly ASCIIMacotakara, MacRumors