Microsoft can laugh at the iPad, but these Surface price cuts tell you all you need to know

Microsoft’s been running some anti-iPad ads that are so terrible they’re not even worth wasting your time watching. They basically highlight the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT, two operating systems no one wants, are more versatile than iOS. Ummm, sure, whatever.

Truth be told, if people love Windows so much, then why has Microsoft slashed the price of the Surface RT? What was once a $499 device that needed a $100 keyboard accessory to become useful is now $449 for both the device and the keyboard in a 32 GB configuration. An extra $100 buys you an extra 32 GB.

These price cuts could very well be due to the fact that Microsoft is rumored to be introducing a second generation Surface RT, and this is likely the case, but that still implies that Microsoft has a ton of excess stock that they’ve failed to push.

How many Surfaces have actually shipped? Microsoft doesn’t provide those figures. That alone tells you everything you need to know. Meanwhile, we say bring on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2!

[Via: MacRumors]