iPhone 5S may feature 31% faster 64-bit A7 chip, motion tracking chip [Updated]


Clayton Morris of FOX News Channel has just tweeted some interesting details about Apple’s next generation A-series chip, dubbed A7, which will power iPhone 5S.

He claims that according to his sources, Apple has tested an A7 chip, which is 31% faster than the A6 chip.

Mark Gruman of 9to5Mac claims that the A7 chip will come with a dual-core processor (just like iPhone 5’s A6 chip), but it could be 64-bit. This could allow Apple to shove 4GB RAM in future A-series chips. While it is obvious that iPhone 5S will be faster than iPhone 5, we were expecting it to come with a quad-core processor.

So far there have been contradictory reports about the amount of RAM in the A7 chip, some reports have claimed that it will come with the same 1GB RAM as iPhone 5’s A6 chip, while some have suggested that it could come with double the RAM.

According to Gruman, the 64-bit processor will make animations, transparencies and other graphical effects introduced in iOS 7 a lot smoother than current iOS devices. Apple is also likely to use a variant of the A7 chip in iPad 5.

Morris also claims that iPhone 5S will feature a dedicated chip for motion tracking, which could be make it “an interesting camera upgrade.”

There have been rumors of iPhone 5S coming with dual-LED flash and a new slow-motion camera that captures 120 FPS video.

iPhone 5S is also widely expected to come with a fingerprint sensor, which will allow users to unlock their devices without needed to enter the passcode. According to Gruman, users will have to hold down on the Home button rather than swipe on it to authenticate.


Mark Gruman of 9to5Mac has updated his article to provide additional information about iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor. He claims that according to his sources iPhone 5C will “essentially be an iPhone 5 with a plastic shell.” It probably makes sense as we’ve heard that iPhone 5C will replace iPhone 5, rather than iPhone 4S.

Gruman also goes on to add that Apple plans to use iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor for payments, but it won’t be introduced this year.

As a source said, “think of the passcode-replacing fingerprint scanner as a beta test for future features.”

Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S and the rumored lower-cost iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10, followed by the launch on September 20.

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