Latest rumors peg Chinese iPhone 5S/5C launch for November 28th, two months after the US

The unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C, we expect to happen on September 10th. The launch of those two new devices, that’s on happen on September 20th. But what about other markets? Year after year, Apple outdoes themselves with each new iPhone, launching in more markets in less time, which obviously helps push sales through the roof. According to C|Net, which cites China’s First Financial Daily, the Chinese will have to wait a full two months before getting their iPhone 5S fix.

Why is this important? Because China Mobile, the world’s largest operator, has two times as many customers as America has men, women, and children. Sure, not all of them can afford and iPhone, and the ones who can probably imported one already, but assuming Apple and China Mobile make friends and the iPhone 5C is affordable enough for people who would otherwise buy a Galaxy, then that’s a potentially huge market.

Speaking about the next iPhones, what do we know about them? The 5S will look exactly like the 5, though under the hood people expect to see a better camera and fingerprint scanner. As for the 5C, it’ll likely be an iPhone 5 on the inside, with plastic on the outside.