More iPhone 5S parts surface, no fingerprint scanner to be seen


We’ve seen many purported iPhone 5S parts leak in the last several months. To name a couple, iLab Factory showed us a push button mute switch in April, and BGR published a set of high-resolution images of various parts in May. Techkiddy has today posted some images–many of which we have seen before–including the nano-SIM tray, the mute button, and a variety of flex cables for the home button, charger connector, speaker, and WiFi parts.

The parts that we are happy to pass along to you are said to include the Apple iPhone 5S card holder, the charger connector flex for the device, the front camera flex, the Home button flex, speaker button, vibrator flex, Wi-Fi flex, On-Off flex cable and the Speaker flex. According to the latest word we have, Apple will introduce the Apple iPhone 5C and the Apple iPhone 5S on September 28th with a launch on the 27th of the same month.

Interestingly, however, the flex cable component for the home button shown in these images doesn’t sport any evidence of a built-in fingerprint sensor. This, of course, contradicts many reports we’ve heard about the rumored device. A report from DigiTimes claimed that the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor is causing delays, we’ve seen evidence for the feature in iOS 7 beta 4, and PayPal boss Michael Barret thinks the sensor going to happen too. All evidence points toward this being one of the main selling points for Apple’s next-generation phone, dubbed the “iPhone 5S.”


So why isn’t there a fingerprint sensor apart of the home button parts in these photos? One possible reason for this is because, as we reported on July 18th, the sensor will be built into the display. That said, this time of year can be unreliable for component leaks such as these. With the “iPhone 5C” supposedly being announced around the same time as the “iPhone 5S,” parts could easily be confused.

What’s your take on this?