Nokia spoofs iPhone ad in new Lumia 925 commercial

Nokia today published a new ad for the Lumia 925, pitching the device’s camera against the iPhone 5. The entire ad pokes fun at Apple’s “Photos Every Day” ad campaign, and is even shot in pretty much the same format.

The Lumia 925 has a great camera with Nokia’s proprietary PureView imaging technology, an 8.7MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens. The device also packs in a number of software based additions for the camera such as motion blur and action shot. Apple on the other chooses to keep its camera app bare minimum, leaving the responsibility of software features to third-party developers.

Nokia uses these points to its advantages, and makes a good enough ad, which we’ve embedded below:

The upcoming iOS 7 update brings some additional features like filters to the stock camera app, and the camera sensor itself is expected to be improved in the next iPhone, with a rumored slow motion mode. So Nokia may have to come up with something different to convince people to buy their Lumia phones.

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[via MacRumors]