VideoPane takes multitasking to a whole new level [Updated]

VideoPane, developed by Ryan Petrich, is an awesome tweak that allows you to detach a video from most video players and bring it straight to your springboard.  You’re then able to navigate your phone by opening and closing apps while the video still plays on top.

This tweak, in my opinion, is pretty useful. You even have the option to make the entire video transparent by double tapping the video.  This gives your the opportunity to read/see what’s being the screen without continuously having to move it around.

When you bring up an app that plays videos, like YouTube or iTunes, once the video is loading you’ll be prompted by the tweak to ask if you would like to detach the video.  Once you detach the video, you’re free to roam your device as you please without having to miss any of the video.


There aren’t any settings to configure other than the activator actions if you choose to do so.  Just having the transparency set to the double tap of the video was good enough for me.


Check out the video walkthrough of tweak below, it’s pretty cool:


That was quick. Shortly after reporting the detach video functionality didn’t work with Netflix, Ryan Petrich has released an update for VideoPane to fix the issue, along with other bug fixes and improvements. Here’s the complete change log of VideoPane 1.0.1:

  • Add ability to assign “Detach VideoPane” in Activator
  • Add ability to lock video in landscape
  • Better support for iOS 5.x
  • Support the latest version of Netflix
  • Add missing dependency
  • Add settings pane
  • Fix “Ressurect Pane” Activator action
  • Fix orientation-related bugs on iOS 5.x

The ability to use Activator actions to detach the video pane and lock video in landscape will be extremely useful.

You can download this tweak from the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

We would love to know how you plan to use the tweak in the comments below.