YouTube 2.0 update brings in-app multitasking, ability to search for playlists and more


Google has announced the launch of a major update for its YouTube app for iOS, which includes features such as the ability to multitask in the app by minimizing the videos while searching etc.


The multitasking feature allows you to minimize the video to the bottom right of the screen, so that you can continue to look for the next video to play. You can either swipe right or left to dismiss the video, or tap on it to watch the video again in full screen.

The feature reminds us of VideoPane, the jailbreak tweak by Ryan Petrich, which takes video multitasking to a whole new level, as it allows you to watch a video while doing anything else on your iOS device, and isn’t restricted to just the YouTube app.

Search for Playlists

You can finally search and browse channels for playlists on the iOS app, and tap on the play all button to watch back-to-back videos.

The update also brings extended support for connected TVs and Chromecast, which allows a user to see a preview screen when using YouTube to cast videos to Chromecast or other connected TVs.

The update for the YouTube doesn’t seem to be available in the App Store yet. We’ll let you know as soon as it hits the App Store.

Update 1:

YouTube 2.0 is now available in the App Store. You can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or download it for free from the App Store using this link.

Update 2:

If you use YouTube tweaks such as ProTube or YourTube then avoid the update, as they’re not compatible with the new YouTube app yet. The app will just crash when you try to launch it.

Update 3:

We go hands-on with YouTube 2.0:

[Via YouTube blog]