Apple pulls Apple TV 6.0 Software Update after reports of bricking issues


Apple released Apple TV 6.0 for the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV late last week with a number of new features including iTunes Radio, iCloud Photos and Videos, AirPlay from iCloud and more.

While many users were able to successfully upgrade their Apple TVs, there were quite a few reports of Apple TVs being bricked due to the update. A few commenters reported the issue as well in our earlier post about the update:

serumax: “My Apple TV is broke… :(”

julesrif: “Well.. Apple TV asks for iTunes, iTunes says “plug the AppleTV to TV”… I’m on a loop :(“

It appears that Apple has now pulled the 6.0 update for the Apple TV, presumably to prevent more such cases of bricked devices. From 9to5Mac:

Last night, Apple took down the on-device update, and now devices on Apple TV 5.3 are seeing no update available. Of note, the 6.0 firmware is still available as a download on Apple’s website. The update is still available for some Apple TV users, although it seems sporadic and may be a result of background downloading.

Let us know if you’ve been able to update to Apple TV 6.0 without any issues. If you did have issues, however, you can connect your Apple TV to iTunes using a micro-USB cable and do a clean install by following the instructions given here.