Background app refresh bug in iOS 7 causing login errors for some apps


Background app refresh in iOS 7 is meant to make your life easier by fetching data for apps that are running in the background. This is convenient for iOS users who use time-sensitive apps like messaging clients and email as they don’t have to open the app to download new content. This new feature, though, is causing major login headaches for some iOS users.

First noticed by The Verge, a bug in iOS 7 randomly logs customers out of an app, requiring them to enter their login credentials repeatedly. Apps affected by this glitch include Mailbox, Snapchat and PayPal. The team behind Mailbox reportedly was “in crisis mode” trying to solve this problem. They tracked the problem back to Apple’s background refresh features as the repeated login requests stopped when they turning off the refresh feature.

Customers can either deal with the repeated login requests or turn off background refresh in the settings. You can turn off the feature on an app-by-app basis or turn it off for all apps by going to Settings > General  > Background App Refresh. Turning off background refresh globally means you’ll have to bring apps to the foreground by opening them if you want to receive your data right away.

[Via The Verge]