Bring your iPad to a Microsoft store, get $200

Microsoft is running a promotion whereby they’ll give you $200 if you step into one of their stores and hand over your iPad. There are two problems with this. One, you can count the number of Microsoft Stores around America using just your fingers and toes. Probably just your fingers, actually. And two, you don’t get $200 in cold hard cash. Instead, you’ll get $200 in store credit.

Will this be an effective campaign? Probably not. For one thing, you can get a lot more than $200 for your iPad if you put a little bit of work into selling it. Putting it on Craigslist will probably get you at least $300, even if it’s pretty beat up. Second, you’ll also likely save a lot of money on a computer or tablet if you buy it from the internet instead of a Microsoft Store. Not only are gadgets cheaper on the internet, but the selection is nearly limitless, whereas the Microsoft store can only cary a certain number of products.

So why is Microsoft doing this? Because they want attention. Right now the conversation about tablets is all about the iPad and/or Android. The fact that people aren’t even talking about Windows 8 or Windows RT has got to hurt.