Here are some great Parallax Wallpapers to go with iOS 7’s new look

Apple redesigned the lock screen and home screen in iOS 7, adding two new types of wallpapers — parallax and dynamic. Dynamic wallpapers add subtle animations to your iOS device, but as of now you can only use a select set of wallpapers provided by Apple.

You can, however, use your own, custom wallpapers for the 3D parallax effect, which lets you look at what’s “behind” your home screen icons when you tilt your iOS device. For the best results you’ll need to use wallpapers of a certain size depending on your device, and we’ve included some good ones in this post below.

As we noted earlier, for the iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5 the wallpaper needs to be 1536×1040 to work best with the parallax effect.

With that said, here are some great parallax wallpapers for your iPhone:

parallax wallpaper 9
parallax wallpaper 2
parallax wallpaper 5
parallax wallpaper 6
parallax wallpaper 7
parallax wallpaper 13

Long tap on any of these wallpapers on your iOS device, and tap on “Save Image” to save it to your photo library. You can then set the image as your wallpaper from Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness > Choose Wallpaper.

For more such wallpapers, head over to, a website dedicated to parallax wallpapers. You can also install Deko, an app that lets you generate colorful, abstract pattern-based wallpapers. The app was recently updated to make “pixel-perfect parallax wallpapers for iOS 7.”

Share with us your favorite iOS 7 parallax wallpapers in the comments below.

[via TNWparallaxize]