New Video gives detailed look at Graphite iPhone 5S


There has been a lot of buzz lately over the new gold color of iPhone 5S, but I’m hoping that the rumor of the graphite iPhone 5S turns out to be true.

Photos of the alleged graphite iPhone 5S rear casing have revealed that it will also come with a graphite or grey color backplate with contrasting black pigmented glass inlays at the top and the bottom and graphite colored antenna bands along the sides.

Folks at uSwitch have just published an extremely detailed hands-on video of a partially assembled graphite iPhone 5S, which gives a very good idea of what the graphite iPhone 5S will look like. We however expect the graphite iPhone 5S to come with a black front panel rather than the white front panel used by uSwitch.

They’ve also briefly compared the graphite iPhone 5S rear shell with a black iPhone 5.

Unlike the gold color, which seems like a certainty, there has been some skepticism about the new graphite color, so it remains to be seen if Apple will unveil the graphite version at the iPhone event on September 10.

Let me what you think of the possibility of iPhone 5S coming in grey/graphite color. Will you buy one or stick to the all-black or all-white iPhone 5S?

[Via uSwitch]