iOS 7 bugs we’ve found till now

With iOS 7, Apple made huge changes to the way iOS looks and, in some cases, even functions. Given the large amount of code changes, bugs and UI glitches inevitably crept into the release.

Here are some of the bugs we’ve found so far

  • Launch bug lets you drag around the entire app

In some cases, you can drag the splash screen while an app is launching, which has some unintended consequences as highlighted in the video below. (Via)

  • iOS 7 forgets your lock screen wallpaper

If you quickly slide in the reverse direction after unlocking your device, iOS will forget your lock screen wallpaper and use the home screen wallpaper instead. (Via)

  • Unauthorised photos, email access from lock screen

Just a day after the release of iOS 7, a security flaw was discovered that let anyone access your photos, emails or Twitter from the lock screen without knowing your passcode.

  • Make calls from lock screen

Lock screen has historically been a weak point for Apple from a security perspective, and iOS 7 remains no different. A bug was found that lets unauthorised users dial any number from the iPhone’s emergency call screen without knowing your passcode.

Layout and UI glitches

iOS 7 now lets app take over the whole screen including the portion earlier reserved for the status. This, along with a number of other changes in the design language, have resulted in a number of layout issues creeping into iOS apps, many of which are Apple’s own. A Tumblr named “Sloppy UI” is collecting all these issues, and we’ve added a few below:

  • The chat bubble in the new Messages app gets stuck midway in certain cases:
messages bug
  • The more link appears in the middle of the text:
more link bug
  • The count and rearranging grabber overlap in the Reminders app on the iPad:
ipad reminders bug
  • Too many buttons:
buttons app store bug
square icon bug

Apart from these bugs, there are quite a few crashes here and there, which will most likely be solved when Apple delivers the next minor update to iOS 7. Let’s hope that iOS 7 also includes bugs that the evaders can use to develop the iOS 7 jailbreak.

If you’ve found any iOS 7 bugs, please share them with us in the comments below along with a screenshot wherever possible so we can update the post.