A list of all iOS 7 Gestures [Video]


iOS 7 comes with an all-new flattened interface, but another part of the changed interface that hasn’t been talked about much is the importance given to gestures.

iOS 7 includes a number of new gestures that let you do things a lot faster.

Here’s an extensive list of all the new gestures found in iOS 7:

  • Swipe from the left edge towards the right in Mail, Notes, Settings, Messages etc. to go back one screen. This is an alternative to tapping the back button at the top-right, but isn’t enabled in all apps due to possible conflicts.
control center
  • A swipe down from the top half of the home screen brings up the new Spotlight search interface.

spotlight search ios 7

  • Swipe from the left edge in Safari to go back one page.
  • Swipe from the right edge in Safari to go forward.
  • Drag a tab towards the left in the new Safari tab view to close a tab.
  • Swipe up in the new multitasking switcher to close an app or up to three apps at a time.
  • Switch between adjacent Notification Center tabs by swiping horizontally
  • A horizontal swipe from right to left brings up the “Trash” and “More” options while in the mail list view. Tapping on more lets you reply, forward, flag, mark as read, mark as junk or move the message.
  • Swipe right from anywhere on the screen to unlock your device.
  • In the Photos app, you can long tap on a thumbnail to view a larger preview. As you slide your finger over the list, you’ll see the preview update for the thumbnail under your finger.

Here’s the video walkthrough of the new iOS 7 gestures:

Gestures are a great feature to have for power-users and it is great to see Apple add more of them in iOS. They, however, do face a problem of discoverability, so we wonder how Apple’s going to tackle that problem with first-time users, especially for features that use gestures as the sole method of activation.

Let us know if you have discovered any new gestures in iOS 7 that we’ve missed in this list.