iPad 5 Schematics show iPad mini-like thinner, narrower design

Apple is rumored to refresh the iPad lineup with a new iPad mini and a new full-size iPad next month. While it’s not clear if the iPad mini 2 will have a Retina display, rumors and leaked components strongly suggest that the next iPad will come with a thinner and narrower design.

Schematics obtained by AppleInsider show the exact dimensions of this design, based on the expectations of case makers.

The design diagram suggests that the iPad 5 will be 169.48mm wide, 241.3 mm tall and 7.5 mm thick. That’s a huge amount of reduction in bulk, with the thickness reducing by 20 percent (2mm) from the earlier 9.55mm and the width reducing by 9 percent (16mm) from the earlier 185.7 mm. The height seems to have reduced too, but only by a millimeter.

ipad 5 design drawing 1
ipad 5 design drawing 2

The diagrams also suggest that the body design of the iPad 5 will be similar to that of the iPad mini.

Earlier leaks, in addition to the thinner design, have also suggested that the device will be available in Space Grey and Silver, and will run on an A7X chip.

A key selling point of the iPad mini has been its sleek design and lighter weight, but with the larger iPad going thin and light, would you consider it over the mini?

[via AppleInsider]