New photos of leaked iPhone 5C packaging and manual surface


It has been widely speculated that Apple will launch two iPhone models at the rumored media event on September 10. One of them will be the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, while the second one will be an iPhone model with a plastic casing.

We initially thought that it will be the new entry-level model, but recent conversations seem to suggest that it could replace iPhone 5.

Back in July, a photo of the plastic iPhone packaging indicated that Apple may call this plastic iPhone, iPhone 5C. At that time, it was speculated that “C” could stand for “Color” as it is expected to be available in multiple colors, or “plastiC” or “polyCarbonate” as the rear shell is most likely going to be made of it, or “Cheap,” since it is the low-cost iPhone (but not the best marketing strategy). It seems more likely that iPhone 5C will stand for “Color.”

Over the weekend, few more photos have surfaced of plastic iPhone’s packaging, which again indicates that the plastic iPhone will indeed be called iPhone 5C.

One of the photos posted by shows many iPhones with a red/pink plastic rear shell. The shape of the device matches the leaked iPhone 5C parts and the photo that was leaked by a Pegatron (Apple’s manufacturing partner) employee last month of several iPhone 5C units in testing mode.

The other two photos were posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, shows the manual and SIM card ejection tool.


The leaked photos seem to indicate that the packaging will sport a wallpaper, which matches the color of the casing. So the first one has the red/pink wallpaper, and the other has a white wallpaper.

iPhone 5C is rumored to come with iPhone 5 internals, and could be priced between $400 and $500.


Here’s another photo of iPhone 5C packaging in blue and yellow with matching wallpapers, and also gives a better shot of the white iPhone 5C casing.

[via 9to5Mac]