You can add anyone’s Fingerprint to iPhone 5s’ Touch ID, including your Cat’s


One of the most frequently asked questions about iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor has been: Can I add someone else’s fingerprint?

The answer is Yes, as we had explained in the how to set up and use Touch ID post, iPhone 5s allows you to add up to 5 fingerprints, and you can add anyone’s fingerprint to the device.

This is useful if you want to give your iPhone to a family member, and want them to unlock the device.

Darrel Etherington of TechCrunch even managed to add his cat’s paw to iPhone 5s’ Touch ID. He writes about his iPhone 5s Cat’s paw test:

The cat’s paw worked, and while it encountered more frequent failures than did a fingerprint, it was able to unlock the phone again repeatedly when positioned correctly on the sensor. Note that no other paw pads would unlock the device, and that cats essentially have unique “fingerprints” just like people, so this doesn’t make the Touch ID sensor any less secure.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that by adding someone else’s fingerprint, the person will also be able to approve purchases on the iTunes Store, the App Store and iBooks Store.

I can already foresee Apple getting sued for a cat doing $1000 IAPs (in-app purchase).

Thanks Sebastian for the tip!