iPhone 5s is the Fastest Smartphone in the World


The iPhone 5s review embargo lifted a few days ago, and a number of reviewers ran standard benchmarks suites to measure the device’s CPU and GPU performance. What these benchmarks revealed was that despite Apple’s focus on experience and not specs, the iPhone 5s is the world’s fastest smartphone, thanks to Apple’s new A7 chip.

If you don’t know, the iPhone 5s has a new A7 chip based on a 64-bit architecture that adds a lot more computation power than the earlier A-series chips, which will help apps compiled for the new chip run faster in most cases. For more on the A7 chip, read our detailed preview.

The experts at Anandtech ran some standard benchmarks on the iPhone 5s’ CPU, and found out that iPhone 5s blows away competition such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One


The iPhone 5s is more than twice as fast as the S4, the HTC One and the Moto X in the SunSpider Javascript benchmark that primarily measures the default browser’s javascript engine. The iPhone 5s shines in other benchmarks as well, like Mozilla Kraken, Google Octane and Browsermark 2.0.

Apart from the high performance, the benchmarks also revealed that the iPhone 5s comes with 1GB LPDDR3 RAM instead of LPDDR2 RAM used in iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

Anandtech also benchmarked the GPU on the iPhone 5s, where the device, again outperformed the Galaxy S4, Moto X and the HTC One.

gpu benchmark

It’s quite remarkable that despite having just two cores and a gigabyte of RAM, the iPhone 5s was able to beat the quad-core Galaxy S4 with 2GB of RAM, and other Android phones with high-end specs. Apple’s tight integration of hardware and software as well as its vertically integrated approach helps it optimise in ways other manufacturers can’t, due to lack of control over some parts of their smartphones. So even though Apple might not have the most RAM or the highest number of cores, you can be sure that iOS is fine-tuned to squeeze every bit of performance from the hardware onboard. And these benchmarks are the proof of that.

[via Anandtech]