Jailbreak developer Pod2G says he increasingly confident there will be an iOS 7 jailbreak

io7 jailbreak

Without making any promises or revealing too many details, noted jailbreak developer Pod2G tweeted today that he is “more and more confident” about the possibility of an iOS 7 jailbreak.” You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from iOS owners who are curious about iOS 7, but don’t want to give up their jailbreak.
In his tweet, Pod2G writes:

Pod2G wisely didn’t make any promises about the timing of any jailbreak nor reveal any details that would lead people to believe the jailbreak would happen anytime soon. Though there always will be those over-anxious iOS owners who want their jailbreak now, most people know the drill. It’s a cat and mouse game with developers discovering vulnerabilities and Apple plugging them in subsequent updates.

With the way most jailbreaks progress, I would expect this iOS 7 one to take some time, just like the one for iOS 6 did, even with the dream team of developers who gathered together as the evad3rs. I would also expect the first version of the jailbreak to be compatible with Apple’s older devices, but not the newer ones like the iPhone 5s. Just like the iPhone 5 with its A6 chip, the new iPhone 5s with its A7 processor will pose a new challenge to jailbreak developers.

Despite the challenges, it’s good news that pod2G is optimistic. If he is confident, then we should be confident that we will see an iOS 7 jailbreak, too.