Samsung to still manufacture portion of Apple’s next-generation A8 chips next year


Apple has long been rumored to reduce its reliance on Samsung for critical components of the iPhone like the A-series chip, and with the recent partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the company is looking to finally move away from Samsung.

But that transition won’t be instantaneous according to a Korean news outlet report, which says that Samsung would still be involved in manufacturing around 30-40 percent of next year’s A8 chip. Apple’s deal with TSMC starts from 2014, and reportedly lasts for three years starting with the A8 chip based on a 20 nanometer process. Some rumors, however, claim that Apple will switch back to Samsung in 2015 for the A9 chip due to its more advanced 14 nanometer process.

The iPhone 5s teardown revealed that the A7 chip is fabricated at Samsung’s foundry using its 28 nanometer process and the iPad, too, is rumored to feature a Samsung manufactured, more powerful, A7X chip.

A big risk Apple faces when moving manufacturing to TSMC is its ability to produce quality chips at a large scale, which is probably why Apple isn’t moving completely away from Samsung in one go.

[via MacRumors]