If this is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Apple doesn’t have to worry


As the announcement day of the Galaxy Gear is coming closer, more and more details are leaking about this new smartwatch from Samsung. The specs of the Galaxy Gear leaked a couple of days ago suggesting that the watch will sport a 2.5-inch OLED screen.

Today, we get our first look of the Gear, thanks to the folks over at Venture Beat. The Venture Beat writer managed to see one of the Gear prototypes sent to developers along with some promotional marketing materials. The source confirms what we had heard about the smart watch before including 10-hours of battery life, a 4MP camera, and speakers in its clasp!

In addition to the above, the Gear will have a power button on its side, inbuilt Wi-Fi for internet access, a photo gallery, Samsung S Voice for voice commands, some health tracking apps and Facebook/Twitter integration. While not as small as the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex, the Galaxy Gear did not feel heavy in hand.

Like all other smart watches and fitness bands, the Galaxy Gear will include various sensors to track all your activity. This includes a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer to track how many steps you take in a day, and more.

Considering that the Galaxy Gear is still under development, the final design, shape and color of the device can change anytime. However, looking at the leaked pictures from the promotional video, I cannot help but think that the Galaxy Gear is more of a miniature smartphone strapped to someone’s wrist, rather than a companion device to your existing Android device.


According to the latest rumors and speculations, Apple is also expected to launch a smart watch running iOS, dubbed iWatch in 2014 and could be priced around $199. Health and fitness tracking will reportedly be one of the major features of the device.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at its IFA event on September 4th. We were concerned that if Apple delays the launch of its smartwatch to 2014, Samsung will be benefit from the first mover advantage. However, if this is what the Samsung’s smartwatch looks like, Apple doesn’t have to worry. It is as ridiculous as this iWatch concept and probably uglier.

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Portion of this post first appeared on our sister site, Android Beat.