Decorative silver ring around iPhone 5S home button may be fingerprint sensor


It’s the week before Apple’s big press event, and speculation about the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint sensor are running rampant on the Internet. The latest theory comes from AppleInsider, which claims the rumored silver ring around the iPhone 5S’ Home button is more than a decoration, it’s an integral part of the fingerprint sensor.

AppleInsider reviews the claims of Clayton Morris, who described the iPhone 5S’ Home button as an “innie with a silver ring” on a recent TWiT TV appearance. The blog then couples this observation with their own patent sleuthing.

AppleInsider combed through some of AuthenTec’s patents, which are now assigned to Apple, and claims it found evidence that the silver ring may actually be part of the fingerprint sensor. The technology may allow users to authenticate their fingerprint while they tap the home button and wake up their phone.

This theory sounds reasonable, but it doesn’t necessarily jibe with Morris’ statement that the iPhone woouldn’t incorporate any AuthenTec technology. It’s possible Morris’ sources were incorrect or AppleInsider may be reading too much into the patents. Regardless, we will find out all that we need to know about the iPhone next week during Apple’s September 10th event.

[Via AppleInsider]