Top Five Reasons not to Install iOS 7 right away


Yes, iOS 7 may be the biggest change that’s happened to iOS since the original iPhone and there are quite a few reasons to upgrade, but there are also some compelling reasons not to upgrade right away. Here are five them for you to ponder while you read about iOS 7 and decide what to do about this latest iOS update from Apple.

Your favorite apps may break

While most developers are working hard to get their apps ready for iOS 7, some won’t have their iOS 7 updates in the App Store when iOS 7 debuts on Wednesday. As a result, these older apps may not be compatible with the new OS right away. If there is a mission critical app on your phone that hasn’t been updated recently, then you should probably wait until that update rolls out before you install iOS 7.


You’ll lose your jailbreak

Though the evad3rs team is working on an iOS 7 jailbreak, there is no guarantee they will be successful and if they are able to jailbreak iOS 7, it will be a while before a public jailbreak is released. If you are running a jailbroken version of iOS 6 and don’t wont to lose all those handy jailbreak tweaks, then you should hold off on installing that iOS 7 upgrade. You can always make your iPhone look like iOS 7 while you wait.


You have an older device and are concerned about performance

Not every device will be compatible with iOS 7, and those that are compatible may not have to access to all the features of the OS.  If you are installing iOS 7 on an older device like an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4,  then you may want to think hard about making that switch from iOS 6 to iOS 7. I know from experience that iOS 6 runs well on older devices like the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4. Tack on these extra features in iOS 7 and your performance may slow as you push the capabilities of these older devices to the max.


Bugs got you worried — you’d rather wait and make sure iOS 7 is stable

If you need your device to work without glitches or unexpected errors, then you may want to wait for iOS 7 to get a few updates under its belt before you make the switch. Not surprisingly, Apple is already working on them. Yes, iOS 7 has been undergoing revisions for a few months during the beta period, but there undoubtedly are bugs that won’t rear their ugly head until the public starts using the release. If you don’t want to be a testing ground for Apple, then be patient and enjoy your stable iOS 6 device.


You don’t want to lose your data and need time to backup

The last thing you want to do is jump head first into an iOS update without making sure all your important data is backed up.  Take your time and go through your phone, especially if you have photos, text messages, financial information, and other documents that you just can’t lose. Don’t rush into the update and put your data at risk. Take your time to  do an iTunes or iCloud backup before you update or backup your photos, videos and documents to a cloud service like Dropbox. I made the mistake of installing an iOS 7 beta update and didn’t properly backup up my phone. When the install was done, there was no recent backup, and I lost a week’s worth of photos and messages.


Let me know what you decide in the comments below.