Top Ten Apps you should Install on your iOS 7 device


iOS 7 arrived today, so now it’s time to start filling up your iOS device with all the latest and greatest apps on the iOS App Store. Here are ten of our favorite apps that both look and work great on iOS 7.

Apple set the trend for flat design in iOS 7 and app developers are following the Cupertino company’s lead. As soon as you load up iOS 7 and start installing apps, you’ll notice the change right away.

Flat design places functionality over style as the cornerstone of its ethos. The most common design change is the removal of bars, raised buttons and shadows from the UI. The bars are now blocks of color, and the buttons have been replaced with text or arrows.

Color is used to draw your eyes to something important, not to make things look pretty. Images are used when the app calls for it, and they often have a transparent appearance.


Yahoo News: When you think about the top news reading apps, Yahoo News does not come to mind. Now that it has been updated with a new flat UI, offline reading and Tumblr support, you may want to take another look at the news reading app. You may be pleasantly surprised. Available as a free universal app.


Perfect Weather: Perfect Weather is brand new app from Contrast. It mixes weather data with a radar and blends them together with an iOS 7-inspired design. Available for $2.99 for the iPhone.


eBay: Online auction site eBay is on top of things with a fresh new UI and improved search. As someone who buys and sells a lot on eBay, I like what I see in this latest version. Available for free for the iPhone or the iPad.


Cal: As its name implies, Cal is a calendaring app with a flat design all its own. Available for free from the iOS App Store.


Route: Route helps you find the shortest route between two points. Great for delivery people or when you are out yard shopping. It’s available for $1.99.


KickSend: Kicksend picks off where Apple’s now defunct card app leaves off. Kicksend lets you take your photos and send them somewhere to be printed. You can choose a custom option that sends rich, paper notes to your chosen loved ones. The app also allows you to send them stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target or Duane Reade for ordering prints.


TeeVee 2: TeeVee brings the best information about you favorite TV shows right to your iOS device. This latest update if being heralded as the biggest update to TeeVee thus far. New features include a new UI, new icon as well as iCloud sync and more. TeeVee is available for the iOS App Store for 99-cents.


Cobook Contacts: Cobook makes tending to your iCloud address book a joy. The latest update is made for iPad and made for iOS 7. It is available for free as a universal app in the iOS App Store.


Seat Geek: Seat Geek is one of the top apps for finding and reserving seats at major sporting and musical event. A new auto-complete feature and improved performance show up in this latest. And did I tell you it looks gorgeous in iOS 7. Seat Geek is available for free as a universal app in the iOS App Store.


Blur: Blur takes your photos and turns them into stunning backgrounds that you use as wallpapers. Available as a universal app in the App Store for 99-cents.


Fantastical: The must-have calendar app for your iOS device. Add in the OS X version and you’ve found the only calendar solution you need. Available for $4.99 in the iOS App Store.

Let us know your favorite iOS 7 apps so far.