Video: An iPad 5 leak you don’t want to miss

Folks, I’ve seen iPad 5 leaks come and go, and they’ve all been rather unspectacular. Yes, the next 9.7 inch iPad will be smaller than the current 9.7 inch iPad, but it was really hard to appreciate those back panel leaks in isolation. Today’s latest leak is different from all the other leaks because it compares the iPad 5 to the iPad 4 (and technically 3 too).

As you can tell, it’s crazy narrow. Unbelievably so. And the speaker looks absolutely gigantic. Sure, this new iPad looks like a larger iPad mini, but what’s wrong with that? Oh right, absolutely nothing.

Now for the key questions.

When will it come out? Rumors say Apple will hold an event in October, though when hasn’t exactly been specified. September 10th is going to be all about the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and potentially the Apple TV.

What will Apple change internally? You and I both know it’ll be faster. How much faster? Again, I don’t know. Apple will announce the new A7 core, and yes, it’ll be made by Samsung, but other than that, I really can’t predict anything since Apple is pretty good at keeping their chips a secret.

How much will it cost? I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong, but I think it’ll remain at $499 for the base 16 GB WiFi only model, which is exciting, because that means the iPad 4 will likely get a $100 price cut. I can’t think of a better $399 tablet than the fourth generation iPad.

[Via: The Verge]