Apple discontinues the Smart Case and Smart Cover for older iPad models (Updated)


Starting November 1st, Apple is changing its iPad lineup for the holiday season. The company will stop selling the iPad fourth generation and will replace with the iPad Air. The iPad 2 will remain in the lineup as the low-priced model.  Changes to the hardware lineup means  there likely will be changes in the accessories that Apple will sell for that hardware. According to a report by iLounge, Apple is no longer selling the Smart Case or the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 or the iPad 3/4 generation.

The Dark Grey Smart Case and Smart Cover for the iPad 2/3/4   still appear in the company’s online storefront, but you can no longer purchase them online. A limited number of the cases and covers may be available in select retail stores, but if Apple is discontinuing them, finding them may be hit or miss.  It’s not surprising to see accessories for the iPad fourth generation to disappear, but it is odd that Apple isn’t keeping them around for the iPad 2, which the company is still selling.

If you have an older device and must have an Apple Smart Cover or Case, you’ll have to look to third-party retailers like Best Buy or a used marketplace like eBay to find your desired accessory. If you are not tied to Apple, you can always buy a case from another manufacturer like Logitech, Belkin, or Griffin.

Updated: It looks like the cases are back in stock and the discontinued designation was a mistake.