Best Buy discounting MacBook Air by $100, offering $25 gift card with iPad 4


Best Buy is hoping you’ll want to walk out with more than just an iPad Air this weekend. To entice the expected influx of Apple fans coming into the store to either buy or ogle the iPad Air, the retailer is offering a promotion on the MacBook Air, the non-Retina MacBook Pro and iPad fourth generation.

Starting tomorrow, Best Buy will take $100 off the price of the MacBook Air. The discount applies to all models of the MacBook Air that Best Buy carries. Besides the MacBook Air, the retailer is also taking $150 off the 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro, dropping the price from $1499 to $1349 for the model with 8GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive.  The promotions on the MacBook Air and the Pro will be available both in store and online, so you can shop using whatever method is most convenient.

Best Buy is also offering a $50 instant discount and $25 gift card to customers who are buying an iPad fourth generation. The 16GB fourth generation model will cost $449, which is $50 below the launch price of the new iPad Air.

Are any of these deals attractive to you? Maybe convince you to pick up a MacBook Air to match your iPad Air?

[Via 9to5Mac]