Digitimes: Sharp panel shortages to blame for potential Retina iPad mini supply constraints


The iPad mini is expected to launch sometime in November, shortly after the iPad Air makes its official debut on November 1st. Rumors suggest the supply of the iPad mini may be limited at first due to slowed manufacturing of the units. A recent report from Digitimes claims the supply of Sharp LCD panels is the bottleneck in the production process.

Sources in the supply chain claim Sharp is struggling to produce the 7.9-inch Retina display panels for the device. Sharp supplies about 40% of the panels for the iPad mini with Retina display, while LG accounts for the remaining 60%. This slowdown is not expected to effect the launch of the iPad Air as LG and Samsung supply the LCD panels for the full-size tablet and production of the device is on track to meet demand.

Digitimes isn’t the only one talking about constrained supplies of the iPad mini. Speaking during the fourth quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said it was unclear whether Apple would have ample supply to meet demand for the tablet this holiday season.

Are you planning on buying an iPad mini with Retina display, or will you opt for the more abundant iPad Air? If you are on the fence and want to know more about the Retina iPad mini, then check  out our exhaustive look at  Apple’s smaller tablet device.

[Via Digitimes]