Flexible curved displays from LG enter mass production

willow-glass10713The idea of a curved iWatch from Apple landing in 2014 is not as far-fetched as it may appear. According to Reuters, Apple smartphone competitor and LCD supplier LG is working on a flexible, curved display for smartphones. Though details on the company’s smartphone is sparse, it is supposedly mass producing the curved displays now in preparation for a November launch.

LG reportedly told Reuters that its display division will start ramping up production of curved displays for an upcoming smartphone which will be among the first phones to use the new technology. Borrowing from its experience with curved glass on TVs, LG’s display will be 6-inches long and curved from top to bottom. It’ll land in a phone that’ll debut in November. Samsung, which also has experience with curved glass TVs, is working on a phone with a curved, flexible display that’ll curve from one side to the other. This handset from Samsung is expected to land later this month.

Details on a curved glass display coming out Apple’s camp are not known, but the company does work closely with Corning, which has a flexible display product known as Willow Glass. The most solid evidence from Apple regarding this display technology is a patent that describes a flexible glass display.

[Via Reuters]