planetbeing explains why iOS 7 jailbreak release date cannot be given, confident it’ll support all devices including iPhone 5s


Last week, planetbeing of the evad3rs team tweeted that they probably have all the pieces for the iOS 7 jailbreak. However, famous iOS hacker and a member of the evad3rs team, pod2g was quick to remind us not to be overly optimistic.

Cammy of iDesignTimes who spoke to planetbeing provides us with some more details on the progress. She reports that planetbeing is quite confident that the iOS 7 jailbreak will be available for all devices, including iPhone 5s.

When I asked him which devices he thought it might support or if the iPhone 5S chipset would pose any problems, he quickly replied, “I’m sure it’ll be for all devices.”

planetbeing also explained why it was not possible to give a release date for the iOS 7 jailbreak currently.

“We don’t have a real proof-of-concept finished. I just believe we have all the individual pieces we need, but they haven’t been written/tested. They just mostly exist in our head right now as a plan. It’s too early to worry about actual release date issues yet since we have no idea what kind of implementation challenges we might run into that might significantly skew the schedule. I was just saying that I think it should be possible to release a jailbreak eventually at least.”

“I think I’m still getting a hang of what to say to the community. They like to amplify it. For the last go around, because there was no news, people assumed there was NEVER going to be a jailbreak and all the hackers were lying in a pile defeated somewhere. Now I’ve said something positive, and people are assuming it’ll be out in a few days.”

Last year, we had to wait for quite a long time of the iOS 6 jailbreak. It was released only in February, more than 4 months after iOS 6 was released.

But things seem to be a lot different this year. The evad3rs team is already making great progress with the iOS 7 jailbreak. However, there still appears to be quite a bit of work to be done to jailbreak it, which will be followed by a several rounds of testing on all the iOS 7 compatible devices before the evad3rs team can even think of releasing it. So we don’t expect it to be released soon.

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