iPad Air Benchmarks reveal tweaked 1.4GHz A7 processor, 80% faster than iPad 4’s A6X chip


iPad Air is powered by the A7 chip, the same chip that powers iPhone 5s, so I wasn’t expecting too many surprises.

However, John Poole of Primate Labs reports that the Geekbench 3 benchmarks suggest that Apple has tweaked the A7 chip used in the iPad Air.

Poole reports that the clock speed of the A7 chip has been tweaked to 1.4 GHz, which is 100 MHz faster than the 1.3 GHz A7 chip that has been used in the iPhone 5s.

The iPad Air scored 1465 on the single-core test and a 2643 on the multi-core test. This is close to Apple’s claim that A7 chip is two times faster the A6X chip used in iPad 4.


Poole isn’t sure if the iPad Air processor runs at a higher speed thanks to a larger battery, which compensates for the higher power consumption or a larger chasis, which provides better cooling or a combination of the two.

He also notes that iPad Air is 5 times faster than the iPad 2, which is available for $399.

[Via PrimateLabs]