Purported images of gold iPad mini 2 with Touch ID leak

It has been rumored that the iPad mini 2 will come in a new gold variant, just like the iPhone 5s. We had already seen a couple of pictures showing the gold iPad mini 2, and today some more pictures of the device were posted on Chinese social network Weibo.

The photos not only show the gold casing of the iPad mini 2, but also show a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as evident by the silver metallic ring around the home button.

gold ipad mini 1 gold ipad mini 2 gold ipad mini 3 gold ipad mini 4

While leaked components have suggested that the iPad mini 2 will include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and will come in a gold variant, the latest rumours claim that the new iPad mini may not include Touch ID, and won’t be available in gold color due to supply constrains.

[via NoWhereElse.fr]