iPad mini 2 may be slightly thicker to accommodate Retina display


Apple is rumored to unveil the iPad mini 2 at its October 22nd press event, and the device is widely expected to feature a Retina display. However, just like the larger iPad’s Retina transition, the iPad mini 2 might also see an increase in thickness to accommodate the new higher-resolution display.

A Retina iPad mini will have the same resolution of 2048×1536 pixels as the iPad 4, but with its smaller 7.9 inches display, its pixel density, at 326ppi, will be the same as the iPhone 5s. Cramming in such a high-resolution display is quite a challenge, since not only does it occupy extra space, but also requires a larger battery.

Case manufacturers are said to have knowledge of Apple’s internal plans through the company’s leaky supply chain partners, and they’ve started manufacturing iPad mini 2 cases that fit a device with a thickness of 7.5mm and width of 134.9mm. That’s 0.3mm thicker and 0.2mm wider than the current iPad mini, which is much less of an increase than the one we saw from iPad 2 to iPad 3, but still an increase to a device whose key selling point is its thin form-factor.

Would you be willing to buy a thicker iPad mini if it comes with a Retina display?

[Macotakara via 9to5Mac]