iWork and iLife apps are now available in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store


Earlier today, Apple announced that it was rolling out significant updates to its iLife and iWork suite of apps. It was a major update that included both the iOS and OS X versions of the apps. It’s been a few hour since the announcement, and now the apps are live in both the iOS App Store and the Mac Store.

Both the OS X and iOS versions of iLife and iWork ship for free with a new Mac or iOS device purchase. If you don’t plan on purchasing a Mac  or iPhone anytime soon and want to pay for the apps, the OS X versions cost $19.99 each, while the iOS versions are $9.99. You can check out the changes and download the apps using the links below:

iWork apps for OS X

iWork apps for iOS

iLife apps for OS X

iLife apps for iOS

Check out the new versions of these apps, and let us know what you think in the comments.