Jailbreakers: It is safe to update to iOS 7.0.3, only if you’re on iOS 7/7.0.1/7.0.2


Yesterday, Apple released iOS 7.0.3, which included a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Immediately after the iOS 7.0.3 software update was released, MuscleNerd had warned jailbreakers to avoid upgrading to iOS 7.0.3 as they were yet to analyze the changes to confirm whether it was safe to upgrade.

The golden rule of jailbreaking is to avoid updating to the latest version to improve your chances of jailbreaking your iOS device.

This time is no different, however if you’ve updated to iOS 7.0, iOS 7.0.1 or iOS 7.0.2 then MuscleNerd, member of the evad3rs has now confirmed that it is safe to update to iOS 7.0.3 as it does not impact the iOS 7 jailbreak that is currently in development.

If you’re on iOS 6.x.x or lower than you should still AVOID upgrading to iOS 7.0.3, just the way you avoided upgrading to iOS 7.0 when it was released last month.

With jailbreaks for both iOS 7.x.x and iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 in the works, it remains to be seen which one will be released first.

Check out this post for the latest status update on iOS 7 jailbreak.

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